Not all paints are the same. Unfortunately, this is a difficult lesson found by many owners of good car/R4, motor/r2 vehicles who are dissatisfied after getting a bad paint job.High-quality Paint materials and expert applications are key to painting parts of your favorite vehicles for a greater and lasting look.

The importance of Paint in Protecting Vehicles Gives a new color or recolors parts of your vehicle for the purpose of modification, hobbi or after repair not only serves to restore its luster (Glossness / Shine) but also to protect the surface of the vehicle and its parts, both interior and exterior.Think about it, this important layer is necessary for all the following reasons :
• Protecting the body and other parts of everyday wear.
• Protect vehicles from water, salt, chemicals, gravel and road debris.
• The High Quality Clear Coat (the top clear coating overlaid with paint) will superbly protect your vehicle’s paint surface against harmful sunlight and rays.While a cheap Clear Coat will eventually only make the paint surface opaque, foggy and eventually peel off.
• Make the vehicle look great and beautiful

So, there are 2 main functions of paint, functional and aesthetic
Combination of expert applicators, high quality paint materials, superior processes with OEM standards (original Equipment Manufacturing) and premium equipment (Sata, Iwata etc.) will produce paint surfaces with performance: 1.Wet Look 2.Shiny (High Gloss/Shiny) 3.Protects well in very long time 4.Smooth surface, with good orange peel without defects

We have just listed 4 strong reasons why paint quality is important and 4 best expectations of painting results.However, not all applicators and paint materials used in the automotive industry in particular ensure this coverage and provide the best protection.Only automotive professionals understand the difference in painting quality

Why You Should Rely on Professional Vehicle Painting This is really a job that should be left to the professionals.
Some vehicle owners want to ‘do it themselves.’ For anything other than simply eliminating small beret berets, a trained professional will give the best results..At ABIMANYU, we only use high quality paints. For many years, we relied on paints from top manufacturers used by leading car factory factories such as Nippon paint, Kansai Paint, BASF, Musashi, Fujikura, Origin Durachem, DNT.All of these paint makers have been players of this industry for many years and are recognized by all major vehicle manufacturers.The selection of paint maker is tailored to the needs of customers both for exterior and interior.In the painting process, in addition to the main material is required also process support materials. To maintain quality, ABIMANYU only uses high quality supporting materials that have been used by famous car factory such as 3M, Nichiban, Tesa, etc.

So far only large companies and ATPM understand the quality of ABIMANYU’s work.From now on you, automotive lovers, modificators, hoby, and who are getting bored with old paints, can do the coating process as you want and need. ABIMANYU will help realize dreams about the dream vehicle and solve the problem of painting the vehicle more easily.