PT. ABIMANYU SEKAR NUSANTARA is a coating service company provider. We serve coating services for automotive industry, electronic and other special needs. Capable of coating process in various types of both metal and non-metallic surfaces.

At ABIMANYU, we have invested specialized equipment and established reliable and experienced human resources. In getting high-quality, durable car painting results, you can find answers to all painting problems and whatever you want to know everything about painting. Our expert staffs will fulfill the needs to our clients and provide value-added solutions. We provide a sterilized space dust- free process of painting, head conveyor, Continues Oven and in control with a measuring instrument in regular calibration and implementing appropriate and effective system management.

Customer satisfaction is our final achievement ABIMANYU. We stand behind our work and provide a lifetime warranty on all our workmanship in earnest. We use premium paint materials, ensuring professional applications, using high quality equipment, doing process stages correctly and precisely, we know exactly what our customers need to get the best painting results.

Gratitude and the highest appreciation for more than 45 company of our customers, and the leading Principal : HPM, TAM, TMMIN, ADM, SUZUKI, NISSAN, HYUNDAI who already entrust their parts in coating process at ABIMANYU.

"A good name is more desirable than great riches; To be esteemed better than silver or gold. "
Profits are never being our business goal. We believe in building a strong reputation and sustainable business, having to go through an optimal and genuine customer service.

Find out why our customers are satisfied with high quality work that has been delivered during this time.


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Choosing a Car Color

The first and most visible part of a vehicle, is its shape. The shape or model of the vehicle is very strongly affected by the color inherent over the entire surface of the vehicle body.

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